Monday, December 14, 2020

La Mensa, Guoco Tower

La Mensa, menu

La Mensa (#B2-15 Guoco Tower, 7 Wallich Street) coalesced from the same forces behind Muchachos and The Daily Cut. They serve mainly pasta with more affordable plates compared to most other options in town.

La Mensa, carbonara

We wanted to try their carbonara because it had no cream. There were a few things that I thought could have been improved. More cheese would have been nice. Guanciale which didn't have the texture of cold hard bak kua would have been nicer too. There was also liquid pooling at the bottom of the plate from what I'm assuming were from noodles that hadn't been drained properly.

La Mensa, conchiglie pesto

That's a plate of their conchiglie with their house made pesto and walnuts. Very tasty pesto on al dente shell pasta. Liked that the pesto was fragrant and sufficiently salted. Walnuts were lightly toasted. Nice. 

La Mensa, calamari

Calamari was very tender. The batter wasn't very crisp and seemed to be made to absorb liquid. Like juices from the charred lemon that they provided. I liked these better than the ones from Cicheti.

La Mensa, broccolini

There's broccolini stir fried with shallots and garlic for the dosage of daily greens too.

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