Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Trattoria La Vita, North Canal Road

Trattoria La Vita restaurant

Trattoria La Vita (#01-01, 35 North Canal Road, tel  : +65 6226 1182) rose from the ashes of goo Italiano which I was sad to see go because I really liked their lemon pasta. I don't know if these guys merely rebranded but Trattoria La Vita is another Japanese Italian restaurant. The decor remained largely unchanged.

Trattoria La Vita, bread

Bread wasn't amazing. They were made airy and porous and as a vehicle to mop up sauces. But they did a pretty good job out of the food from their menu.

Trattoria La Vita, persimmon salad

Like their persimmon salad which contained ingredients like stracciatella cheese, prosciutto, barley and raspberry vinegar.

Trattoria La Vita, linguine oysters

We ordered the linguine with oysters, bottarga and shungiku (edible Chrysanthemum leaves). Lots of umami from the pasta. Off the bat, this was way more delicious than the other recent pasta with bottarga we had. There was one large oyster and cubed pieces of more oyster the pasta. Very good stuff.

Trattoria La Vita, gnocchi pear blue cheese sauce

They did a good job out of the gnocchi with a light Gorgonzola sauce with pears too. Rich and wasn't cloying. The walnuts were nicely toasted and the black pepper came through all the creaminess.

Trattoria La Vita, panna cotta berry soup

Unfortunately I didn't like their panna cotta. Didn't think it was good. Too much gelatin in it. The texture wasn't light and wobbly.

Trattoria La Vita, coffee

Coffee was strong and bitter but not particularly fragrant.

Trattoria La Vita, North Canal Road

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