Thursday, December 17, 2020

Revisiting Tang Kay Kee

Tang Kay Kee, rice

Zi char dinner at Tang Kay Kee.

Tang Kay Kee, sliced fish kailan

Sliced fish stir fried with kailan. A dish that I once thought was favoured by old uncles and aunties. Firm slices of fish were nice but the kailan was a little fibrous. As a whole, it was delicious.

Tang Kay Kee, black bean sauce fish belly bittergourd

Stir fried fish belly with bitter gourd and black bean sauce. Also was a good eat from that sharp salty flavour spiked with heat from a little bit of chilli padi.

Tang Kay Kee, sweet sour pork

I haven't had this particular style of sweet and sour pork before. It's different from the others for various reasons. I liked that it was not excessively coated in their sauce. The sauce that they concocted was not overly sweet and I could taste tomatoes in them. 

On top of that, it appeared that the pork was only covered in a dusting of flour. No crunch on the exterior of the meat which was softer than most other renditions out there. But there was a smoky wok hei. Nice. Important to understand that while the exterior was soft, it was not soggy. There was a balance of lean meat and fat in the pork which along with the rest of the elements of the dish made it tasty.

I wonder why they don't do pineapples.

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