Sunday, May 26, 2019

Of dancing fishes, spicy apples and cucumber latte...

Dancing Fish Signature, starfruit juice

I've just discovered that Dancing Fish Signature serves star fruit juices with preserved sour plum. Something suitably refreshing for the sweltering heat that seemed worse than usual in the recent weeks.  

Dancing Fish Signature, spicy green apple salad

We landed ourselves another salad from them. This time it was the spicy green apple which had the same dressing as the starfruit rendition. These two and the mango salad were nice. Something tangy, crunchy and very South East Asian.

Dancing Fish Signature, nasi berempah kuning

Their nasi berempah kuning delicious as always.

Dancing Fish Signature, sambal terasi

Just like the sambal terasi which was also another cornerstone of tastiness.

Dancing Fish Signature, satay

Chicken satay's not bad. That peanut sauce on the side tasted better than it looked. Actually, it tasted like a competently done satay sauce which is not so easy to find nowadays. It just wasn't coloured like the ones we're normally used to seeing.

Dancing Fish Signature, pucuk paku sambal belachan

Finally got round to getting the pucuk paku stir fried with sambal belachan.  It's as tasty as their cha kangkong probably because its either exactly or mostly the same bunch of ingredients applied onto different vegetables

Dancing Fish Signature, beef ribs

Beef ribs were okay. The sweet glaze on the surface of those ribs were nice. Tasted very kecap manis-y plus a bunch of spices. Accompanying sambal matah was moreish as usual.

Dancing Fish Signature, cucumber latte

There's a cucumber latte on the menu which I've been wanting to try since the first time we were here and never go the chance till today. Believe or not, it does have cucumber flavour and it's not as weird as it sounded.

Dancing Fish Signature, Tangs

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