Thursday, April 11, 2019

Re-revisiting Dancing Fish Signature

Dancing Fish Signature, rice

Dancing Fish Signature has yet to disappoint in the visits we've made. Their sambal and sauces have altogether made this a very dangerous place.

Dancing Fish Signature, barley lime

We just discovered that there's home made barley with lime on the menu that's free flow.

Dancing Fish Signature, starfruit salad

One of the kickass items we had from this visit was their belimbing (starfruit) salad. The fruit was chilled and refreshing, invigorated by a spicy tangy sambal and punctuated by the sharpness of raw onions with the aromatic crunch of the crispy flat fish.

Dancing Fish Signature, tahu tempeh goreng

Their tahu tempeh goreng was better than I had imagined. The tempeh tasted refined. Both that and the tofu were addictive with their sauce of kecap manis with sambal belachan.

Dancing Fish Signature, grilled duck

Grilled duck was also pretty good. The meat was quite tender encased in its skin that been layered with their caramelized basting sauce. We had this with the sambal matah option because that sambal was awesome with their steamed rice.

Dancing Fish Signature, gulai pucuk paku

Another go at their gulai pucuk paku. Gotta try the stir fried version the next time. 

Dancing Fish Signature, Tangs

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