Saturday, April 20, 2019

Uma Uma Ramen, Forum The Shopping Mall

Uma Uma Ramen, Forum The Shopping Mall

I've seen this ramen shop (#01-41 Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6235 0855) around for a long time but for some reasons have never gotten interested enough to come by until today. Apparently, they were established from back in 1953 in Fukuoka. So the Hakata style influence is in the menu and the broth for their bowls are mostly tonkotsu

Uma Uma Ramen, tori paitan lemon

This one wasn't tonkotsu but a creamy chicken broth. What intrigued me into getting this bowl was that it came with lemons. The tori paitan wasn't very rich. It tasted unimpressive initially. After crushing the lemons into the bowl, the broth perked up from the citrus. The heat also mellowed the lemon slices that I ate them. This bowl turned out to be nice. I'd eat this again happily. Only 10 bowls a day though.

Uma Uma Ramen, dry ramen mentaiko

That's the dry ramen with mentaiko. That mentaiko and dried seaweed combination is an unassailable umami bomb that results in almost surefire deliciousness. This bowl was like that. Savoury and yummy with those thin Hakata styled noodles.

Uma Uma Ramen, grilled beef

Didn't like their grilled beef. Overcooked and chewy. Menu mentioned truffle salt. Couldn't taste the truffle but the beef sure was salty though. I was hoping that there would be nothing but salt for flavouring but the meat was marinated. Very tangy salty chewy beef I guess I just didn't agree with.

Uma Uma Ramen, coffee jelly vanilla ice cream

There's coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream for desserts. Think we started to like coffee jelly from the past year. This one felt like a Japanese-esque version of affogato.

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