Sunday, April 14, 2019

Beef marmalade cheese burger from MeatSmith

Meat Smith, beef marmalade cheese burger

The reason why I ordered this was because I never had the drive to get another table at Burnt Ends and never got to understand what was that beef marmalade that people were talking about. Since Meat Smith had it with their cheese burger on menu, why not?

I think I understood what the burger was trying to be. What worked was that there were sufficient pickles to cut through the sweetness of the marmalade, just pulled beef and onions as far as I could tell, and the greasy richness from the caramelized crusty beef and cheese. 

Triggered the same emote as the Smokin' Daddy from Three Buns at the Savour Christmas 2016 event. I didn't dislike it in principle but there was a bit too much going on for me where the flavours were messy rather than clean. Wouldn't be something I could go back to.

MeatSmith, Telok Ayer

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