Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Swiss food menu at Huber's

Huber's has a Swiss food menu on a limited run so we came down to "do some groceries". Everything we ordered were from that menu.

Huber's Bistro, morchel suppe

Like the morchel suppe. A morel soup with vegetables that's thickened with egg yolk and cream. Thickened is a little misleading because it wasn't very thick nor would most people mistaken it for a cream soup of sorts. Pretty nice. All the flavour from the morels went into the soup. The mushroom was left a flavourless husk.

Huber's Bistro, pork terrine

We also had a pork terrine which the menu described having dried fruits. The rustic looking terrine tasted like it might have been made with liver and there were bits of chopped walnuts and pistachios. No fruits. It was slathered with something sweet though. That glisten on the terrine and plate wasn't olive oil. Delicious.

Huber's Bistro, lamb stew

There was lamb stew. Meat was so tender but perhaps because of the cut, there wasn't so much of those lamb-y flavour. As a stew, it was hearty and tasty.

Huber's Bistro, kalbsadrio

This was their kalbsadrio - described as pan fried veal and pork emulsion wrapped in caul fat. That 'emulsion' was akin to a meat mousse of sorts. There was some wonderful charring on the surface. This was very nice. The mushroom sauce that came with it was outstanding. Must have been that caul fat that was making this so good.

Huber's Bistro, thurgauer bratwurst

The other thing which was really good was their Thurgauer bratwurst. The sausage was made with apples and pork and was served in a tangy brown apple sauce. Texture was dense and flavour was good.

Huber's Bistro, coffee

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