Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sunday roast at Oxwell & Co.

Oxwell & Co. has Sunday roasts so....well, we're here.

One of the brunchy alcoholic beverages they have is their Bloody Bill. Their take on the Bloody Mary using the Botanist gin and balsamic vinegar according to the menu. Don't know where that balsamic vinegar went. Having tasted and bought a bottle of Botanist not to long ago, I can say that there's not enough of it to register.

Jerusalem artichoke soup was so so. Nothing to get excited over and something I wouldn't bother with again.

Thought it was a Sunday roast, we had a pie. Albeit one that looked like a large char siew sou (叉燒酥). T'was actually pretty good. The stuffings were sweet potato, mushrooms and chestnut. Pastry was crisp and buttery. Came with a forgettable creamy mustard sauce. I recommend their Yorkshire pudding sauce with it. That, was delicious.

Their crispy skinned seabass option looked a little sad on the portions. It's just two small pieces of fish. They were firm and flaky with crispy skin but it was too little.

I ordered this because I like Brussels sprouts. I like them even more with smoky bacon and maple butter. That maple butter also works well with their Yorkshire pudding.

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