Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Ootoya this year

It's been a while since the last time. While we were of the impression that Ootoya was no longer the standards it once was then they had first started business here, some of the items that they have on menu were still enjoyable.

We never recalled having bad sashimi here. Today's hamachi was fatty and delicious.

Their salad roll with bagna sauce was a first time for us. It's one of those items that's been in the menu probably since the beginning but we've never ordered it. The sauce was obviously something that they've adapted from bagna cauda. Creamy with anchovies and garlic, it made a delicious dip. I just wished that they packed a tighter salad roll. 

Grilled buri was greasy and tasty.

Their jako gohan was stingy with the shirasu. For $3, I expected at least double the quantity they gave. 

Fortunately I had decided to get an egg to go with the rice.

I maintain that more shirasu would have made this better. It's little reasons like these why we don't come back here as much in recent years.

Today's pork belly shiokouji was a lot fattier than I remembered it.

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