Friday, February 09, 2018

Teishokus from Ootoya lately

Ootoya, teishoku

We hadn't been eating at Ootoya for quite a long while. Spoilt by Suju and I suppose in no small part - their declining standards of food compared to their heydays when there were pretty solid. Oshinko looked sad. Portions have definitely become smaller while prices have inched up slowly. But what's new right? We did drop by a couple of times because the menu has changed and we wanted to know if what's current was any good.

Ootoya, chidai yaki

There were grilled whole fishes for their seasonal specials. I thought the chidai yaki (grilled crimson sea bream) was quite nicely done. Tender, reasonably moist and something I could see myself looking forward to.  

Ootoya, gyutan

There's gyutan on the menu now. It's not bad but it's also not Sandaime Bunji.

Ootoya, chicken

On a limited run, charcoal grilled boneless chicken thigh with what they described as green onion sauce. It's more of a green onion salsa if you asked me. Delicious with the torimomo yaki. I just wished that there were more chicken.

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