Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pasta Brava 2018

Pasta Brava, Craig Road

The last time we were here was a couple of years back. I remember commenting about how the restaurant doesn't change. Apparently, things have changed since. Some things have been taken off and some new stuff seemed to have been added. I'm not sure if it was all for the better.

Pasta Brava, scallop gratin

Finally got to try their scallop gratin which was done with a tomato bechamel sauce. Not bad.

Pasta Brava, spaghetti vongole

These guys do a competent spaghetti vongole. Nice plump clams and a healthy dose of garlic along with flavours that are absorbed into the noodles. One can also customize the level of spiciness. But the portions were kinda small. Even though it's under the primi piatti section of the menu, I don't think any restaurant these days actually serves in those portions unless they're specifically spelled (and priced) on the menu.  

Pasta Brava, tenderloin chocolate red wine

What I was looking forward to was their tenderloin with chocolate and red wine sauce. I thought this was still good. A nicely paired balance of richness from both the chocolate and the wine. While prices didn't go up very much over the years, the portions felt noticeably smaller. Noticeably.

Pasta Brava, stracci

After lamenting over the puny portions, we decided to follow up with their stracci. Came with scallops and prawns. Prawns tasted like it was frozen. Something that felt out of place with the rest of the dish. The green pepper and saffron cream sauce was nice though. Creamy and light with seafood-y flavours. Again the portions felt undersized.

Pasta Brava, limoncello cake key lime mousse

Had previously never realized that they had a limoncello cake with key lime mousse before so we thought we'd try it. Tasted just like most lemon torte with a disappointing key lime mousse that added very little to the cake.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure if the change at Pasta Brava was for the better. If these portions are a permanent feature, I don't think I'll be eager to come back. 

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