Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A lunch at Bedrock

It wasn't two weeks back when we were just at Bedrock. Good feelings brought us back. For lunch.

Bedrock, lobster bisque

There's lobster bisque at lunch. Highly recommend to mix that chive cream into the bisque as it mellows those robust crustacean flavours down a notch for a noticeably smoother finish. I couldn't ask for more but a splash of brandy for this.

Bedrock, double cheese burger
Bedrock, double cheese burger

There's a fascinatingly textured double cheese burger that they do at lunch too. The texture came from the buttered buns studded with seeds, some crusty beef patties and gooey cheese. 

To disclaim a comparison I'm about to make, this isn't one for the burger purist because there's definitely distractions like that tasty barbeque sauce which they did not overdo. I'm liking that deliciously salty and milky Monterey Jack which worked. Both beef patties were thin but they were also nicely charred and flavoured. Believe it or not, I liked this much better than Burger Joint.

Bedrock, barramundi

And for something that's a little more lightweight, barramundi. Menu says it's baked. Fish was delicious. The accompanying smoky tomato jam was good too.

Bedrock, stout & toffee pudding

Too bad dessert was a let down. This stout and toffee pudding was a little chewy and felt like it was microwaved. It's got nothing on those from PS Cafe which are probably also microwaved.

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