Monday, February 12, 2018

Kazbar, Church Street

Kazbar, Church Street

Kazbar has been around for more than a decade if my memory serves. For a very long while, I had the impression that they (#01-03 Capital Square 3, 25 Church Street, tel : +65 6438 2975) were one of those Middle Eastern facades that's the excuse for a watering hole down in Far East Square. Then again, it's not like I'm never known to make mistakes.

Kazbar, shorbet adas (lentil soup)

Their food was pretty good. Pretty pleased by their shorbet adas (lentil soup) that was packed with those great cumin flavours. While we were pleasantly surprised how much a squeeze of lemon changed the taste profile of the soup, it was delicious both with and without the lemon.

Kazbar, lamb koobideh

Hadn't had one of these quite a while. Sure brought back memories of the much missed Banoo. While this was obviously missing the butter element, it wasn't too bad at all. The lamb koobideh was nicely spiced without being excessively so.

Kazbar, lamb shank on ouzi

There was also a pretty memorable lamb shank on ouzi (spiced rice) and a generous sprinkle of cashews along with yoghurt. That ouzi (also cooked with lamb) was addictively delicious. Savoury with a good amount of salt paired with some sweet crunchiness from those cashews. Shank was tender but not so moist. 

Kazbar, Church Street

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