Friday, February 23, 2018

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, Far East Plaza

There's been a bit of buzz regarding this Thai restaurant (#03-26/27 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, tel : +65 6734 1946) lately so we decided we'd come over to check it out. And we were kinda glad we did. 

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, mango salad

There's a decent yam mamuang there. I prefer the one from Thai Gold Food for the finer shreds of mango but this wasn't too bad. The usual kaleidoscopic pungent salty fish sauce, heat from the chillis, sour from the mango and a bit of sharpness from the onions. And if you're like me, additional crushed peanuts for that nuttiness and texture along with some sweetness from the sugar. Portions were a little smaller than what I had been expecting though.

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, pad kee mao

Their pad kee mao seems to be the popular item here. We could certainly understand why with their rendition that had a light savoury sauce spiked with some heat from the peppers that's coated over the rice noodles. Addictive.

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, kailan

Stir fried kailan (or what the menu calls Thai kale) with garlic and oyster sauce was also nicely done. The vegetable was well cooked while retaining a good crunch.

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, spring rolls

The only thing we didn't take to was their vegetable spring rolls. We had expected more fillings of vegetables in proportion to all the crunch on the fried skin. It got a little tiring after a couple of pieces.

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, khao moo yang

We had some khao moo yang. Decent, but my mind immediately reach back to the ones we had just outside Central World a couple of years or so back which was better. Unfortunately, I don't think that stall's still around anymore after the recent clearing of the street food vendors from the city centre in Bangkok.

Kra Pow Thai Restaurant, steamed sea bass

And for good measure, we ordered their steamed sea bass with lime and chilli. Sans cilantro. The quality of the fish was pretty darn good here. While it wasn't as spicy and lime-y as some of those we've had before in Bangkok, this was still a very decent and enjoyable steamed fish. The tender yet firm and flaky texture was outstanding.

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