Sunday, February 18, 2018

初二 at hans im glück

It's day 2 (初二) of the Chinese New Year. Still a great deal of eateries wrapped in the warm embrace of a good rest or the torture of visiting one place to another. I saw that hans im glück was open from the first day so I thought it might be a good place to get lunch.

Apparently these guys bothered with a CNY special. Grilled chicken breast with apricot jam and grilled mandarin called glücklichmacher according to the menu. Internet translations got me 'happy maker' or 'happy pills'. Sounded like something that would send me on a trip. The apricot jam didn't taste very apricot-y beyond being tangy. Overwhelmingly so if I might add. It was also pretty obvious that the mandarins were not grilled. Liars!

That's the birkenwald with sour cream and mushrooms on a beef patty. Like the previous beef burger, it was pretty edible if unexceptional. I'm still trying to understand the relationship this place (or just maybe.....Germans?) has with their beef patties.

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