Thursday, February 15, 2018

Bedrock Bar & Grill on Vday

It's been quite a long time since we were last here. Really long. We were here trying to squeeze in a quick dinner which we made no reservations for before rushing off to catch a movie in the vein of an odd love story by a cool Mexican director. Timing was a little tight. The restaurant knew, did their best to accomodate but still took longer than what was comfortable for us. 

To their credit, they came to check on us, assured us a few times that the food was in preparation and on the way. To top that off, their service recovery was excellent.

I remember mentioning their Applewood smoked tomato soup as being one of the best I've had around. This still has not changed.

Got ourselves an order of their full lamb rack to get a measure of how they make them. It's tender, a little chewy and just passed muster. They were not the better ones we've had but not bad that I would have wanted to complain about them. Those ribs would have benefitted from a little more char, a little more salt and also a little more fat so that it would have been that much more satisfying. Didn't dislike this but wouldn't get them again.

On the side, some sweet potatoes with bacon and blue cheese. I recognize that I'm an almost perpetual critic about blue cheese in food because the quantity is often too little. A critic I personally feel with valid critique in this particular context. For this dish, we got a nice cheese that was robust but not sufficiently pungent that I'd class them into the blue cheese category. 

Before your thoughts get ahead of what I'm about to say, this was fortunately good enough. Paired with a nice salty cheese crust, those sweet potatoes were addictively delicious. We finished all of it leaving us very stuffed that we collapsed on the theatre seats into the shape of water while enjoying The Shape of Water. Go Guillermo del Toro!

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