Sunday, February 04, 2018

Maxim's Jade Garden (美心翠園), Hong Kong International Airport

Jade Garden, Hong Kong International Airport

So this is the end. For this trip.

Knowing that there wouldn't be much to look forward to on the flight back we loaded up on some food before catching that flight. Jade Garden (8/F, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, tel : +852 2186 6068) from the Maxim Group looked like it was convenient. 

Jade Garden (美心翠園), abalone siew mai

We tried their abalone siew mai. The abalone was delicious but the rest of the dumpling was kinda boring. Had many a better one back home even, not to mention that this was still Hong Kong. It's not bad per se. It had just a disappointing ball of minced meat packed into the skin which had no layers of flavours of good siew mai.

Jade Garden (美心翠園), char siew pau

Char siew pau was passable. I could eat it, but I wouldn't recommend it. Not getting much of those flavours from the stuffings which were also pretty dry.

Jade Garden (美心翠園), chicken fish maw bean curd roll

The menu mentioned that this was fish maw and chicken wrapped in bean curd skin. There was pork as well. Bean curd skin was chewy so it all unravelled as I tried to bite them.

Jade Garden (美心翠園), har gow

Some obligatory har gow were ordered. It was edible.

Jade Garden (美心翠園), radish cake

So, pan fried radish cake again. These were okay too. If you hadn't been catching on, everything was just okay. For the prices they charged, above average quality would be the reasonable expectation.

Jade Garden (美心翠園), crab roe hua diao ee fu noodles

We ordered their e-fu noodles because it sounded like it might be good. The portions turned out to be humongous. The noodles were all underneath the gravy if anyone was actually wondering. Gravy that was filled with bits of crab roe and crab meat. I was suckered into this as the dish was supposed to be flavoured with hua diao wine (花雕酒). 

Tasted none of that. I felt duped. The gravy was also surprisingly bland. The only thing that helped us finish this was pepper. The other condiments seemed to be chargeable. Can you believe that?

Jade Garden (美心翠園), Hong Kong International Airport

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