Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revisiting Sandaime Bunji

It's been quite some time since the last visit.

There was 50% off for their mixed sashimi and we took advantage of it. What they served was actually pretty good. There was akami, otoro, shime saba, some white fish which I didn't recognize, sake harasu and tako. The quality of the fishes were pretty decent and they provided grated wasabi.

Hmmmm...what have we here? Gyu tenderloin katsu set from the lunch menu? To displace Ginza Kushi Katsu's claim as the only gyu katsu shop in town? This was cheaper and on hindsight, a much more satisfying option than the one from Ginza Kushi Katsu. Personally, I felt that the tonkatsu sauce here was also more agreeable and we too get the sea salt option for the meat. 

While they didn't allow a specified doneness for the meat, their gyu tenderloin was well cooked, not dried out and still tender.

Sandaime Bunji has a black pepper ramen. A bowl that came with minced bits of peppery beef that tasted like it was some sort of corned beef and an oxtail broth. The white round thing on the side is not a ball of mozzarella but an egg. This was actually quite pleasant.

And because it was Sandami Bunji, we didn't pass on a plate of their yummy grilled gyutan.

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