Friday, April 19, 2019

L'Angelus......after 1990 days

L'Angelus, Club Street

I remember thinking the same the last time we were here. About how time has streamed by quietly - almost stealthily. That was almost five and a half years back.  

L'Angelus, bread

Bread seemed to have changed. This one was good because of what we had ordered. But we first made short work of the first basket with butter. 

L'Angelus, roquefort salad

That's a half portioned salad with Roquefort and bacon. I was a little disappointed by how tiny the portions were and how the salad tasted as a whole. Bacon was dry and the greens were not well tossed with the dressing. As Roquefort salads went, this was totally outgunned by the one at ABC Kitchen in Hong Hong.

L'Angelus, beef tartare

L'Angelus' tartare de boeuf was made table side where one could indicate the level of spiciness. What I didn't expect was that one of the condiments that went into it was ketchup. O-o The tartare was pretty good though. The spices that went into it tasted balance compared to say, the feistier ones from Le Bistrot du Sommelier or La Cabane in Hong Kong.

The fries that came with the tartare were soft, suitably salted and delicious.

L'Angelus, roasted spring chicken

That in the copper pot was their fricassee of roasted half spring chicken in a truffle and morel cream sauce. Chicken was nice. Potatoes were sweet. The rich velvety sauce which was infused with the mushroom flavours was awesome. We mopped the pot clean of it. Wished the chicken was bigger though.

L'Angelus, ice cream

One the left, brandy marinated Griotte cherries with a nutty pistachio ice cream. Loads of cherries with the cream and more at the bottom of the cup. On the right is strawberries and vanilla ice cream. 

L'Angelus, coffee

Coffee was drinkable - not outstanding. Bitter and lacking in body.

L'Angelus, Club Street

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