Friday, November 27, 2015

La Cabane Wine Bistro, Hollywood Road, Central

La Cabane Wine Bistro, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong Central

I had read about this French hole-in-the-wall-ish bistro (62 Hollywood Road, Central, tel : +852 2776 6070) before and the name had registered because I had found them interesting. But it's been pretty much out of mind until we stumbled past their entrance while wandering around Central deciding on dinner. It was between Ho Lee Fook or this and since I'm writing this, it doesn't take Sherlock to figure out whoich place won.

La Cabane Wine Bistro, beer

While waiting for the food and people/vehicle watching, a lightweight floral French beer with a funny looking cat to pass the time. If you have had Kronenbourg Blanc, this bottle tasted pretty much like it.

La Cabane Wine Bistro, beef tartare

We had a beef tartare with polenta fries. The tartare was deliciously spiced, nicely hand chopped and disappeared into our bellies in short order. There was just a good amount of different flavours going on from the spices and capers and sauces. While we were no experts on beef tartare, we knew this was good.

La Cabane Wine Bistro, rabbit leg nettle risotto

Next up was braised rabbit leg with nettle risotto. There was a pungent cheese that they had used for the rice and man it was good. I actually liked the risotto more than the rabbit leg which tasted much like chicken if you didn't already know.

La Cabane Wine Bistro, boudin noir

And because we saw boudin noir (blood sausage) burgers on the board, we had to have it.

La Cabane Wine Bistro, boudin noir

Savoury and unctuous with a pâté-like flavour, the blood sausages were sliced and fried before being tucked into toasted mini sesame seed buns.

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