Friday, November 27, 2015

The Ichiban Mega Don from Yoshinoya

Ichiban Mega Don Yoshinoya

Believe it or not, I had been wanting to check out Yoshinoya in Hong Kong from the last time I was at Yuen Long where noticed a particular outlet with a mountain of steaming beef in a cauldron destined for their gyudon. We managed come by one in Mongkok for a breakfast this time around even though we were kinda disappointed that the outlets here didn't feature that huge pot. But we did land ourselves a large bowl instead in the form of their Ichiban Mega Don. 

This has got to be the best Yoshinoya experience we've ever had by virtue of their beef bowl. The portions of the savoury sliced beef were generous and the meat wasn't dried out from all the cooking. I sure hope this is a permanent item on their menu.

Ichiban Mega Don Yoshinoya

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