Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sister Wah (華姐清湯腩), Electric Road, Tin Hau

Sister Wah (華姐清湯腩), beef brisket rice noodles

Sister Wah (G/F, 13A Electric Road, Tin Hau, tel : +852 2807 0181) has apparently been compared with Kau Kee; both in their standings of well regard that places them as the top dogs of beef brisket noodle vendors in Hong Kong. I didn't think very much of the latter location some years back when I tried their noodles. Here's a trip to the former.

What I found odd about the particular bowl of noodles that we had was that it was really oily. It wasn't the case for everyone else and we were a little disturbed by it. After skimming off all the grease, it was a rather enjoyable bowl. The briskets were tender and the rice noodles were light and smooth.  

Sister Wah (華姐清湯腩), curry brisket vegetable rice

Their curry beef briskets were equally tender, but I couldn't get past feeling that the salty curry was saturated with MSG. But - their vegetable rice was really good. Good like it was the best thing I remembered of Sister Wah and would be the one thing I would be looking forward to if I ever came back.

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