Saturday, November 28, 2015

A slice of pizza from Paisano's

Paisano's, cheeseburger pizza

I had seen Paisano's several times over the past few years and I got curious about their large sliced New York styled pizzas. We stopped by the shop at Mongkok (43 Dundas Street) for a quick snack and here's their bacon cheeseburger pizza slice. With bits of bacon, ground beef and cheddar cheese. The portions of those ground beef was pathetic.

How was it? This still had the dried oregano and canned/jarred tomato sauce flavour that I grew up eating which I don't quite like these days. And in spite of that orange cheesy look, the dominant flavour was still that tomato sauce. But otherwise it's a solid thin crusted pie that was quite edible. I wouldn't mind if I could get them for home delivery once in a while. 

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