Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Dim Sum (一點心), Playing Field Road, Prince Edward

One Dim Sum (一點心), Playing Field Road, Prince Edward

We were introduced to this dim sum (Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, tel  : +852 2789 2280) joint by a friend. If not for that friend, we wouldn't have known that this place existed or that it actually has a Michelin Star. That being said, don't walk in expecting anything fancy. The food is solid, properly done and is made to fill bellies - not blow minds. These guys just cover the bases of the usual stuff or what's popular for Cantonese dim sum with no frills and an affordable price to match.

One Dim Sum (一點心), steamed chicken with four combinations

This was called Steamed Chicken with Four Combinations on the menu - essentially bean curd skin blanketed over chicken, fish maw, mushroom and what appeared to be sausage or ham; I'm not sure about the last item. I liked this. 

One Dim Sum (一點心), siew mai

Siew mai was very competent. The flavours of the individual components of the stuffings stood out and the dumplings were tender. One of the more enjoyable siew mai I've had in recent times.

One Dim Sum (一點心), radish cake

A competent pan fried radish cake, but I thought that the ones from Imperial Treasure actually outshone this one. Those were creamier.

One Dim Sum (一點心), har gow

The one item that we felt didn't quite make the cut was the har gow. We've had better even back home and we definitely weren't judging the standards of the food here based on a Michelin Star. The stuffings on the whole didn't taste as savoury as we would have liked and the shrimps didn't quite pack the crunch.

One Dim Sum (一點心), steamed pork rib chicken claw rice

There was an enjoyable steamed rice with pork ribs and chicken claws. The fatty ribs were pretty tasty, generous in portions and the chicken claw was delicious that we ordered a plate of it after this.

One Dim Sum (一點心), steamed chicken claws

There, One Dim Sum has competently done phoenix talons which were tender and easy to slurp off the bone.

One Dim Sum (一點心), ma lai gao

And a ma lai gao to wrap up this post flight late lunch. These cakes (kinda like an eggy chiffon cake) were served piping hot in the bamboo steamers. Jiggly and light they were. We couldn't ask for better.

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