Sunday, November 08, 2015

Double cheese ramyeon and other stories from ChoWon Garden

ChoWon Garden

It's been quite a while since we last dropped by ChoWon Garden. So here's a quiet lunch of Korean food in a family restaurant at this little corner of the business district.

ChoWon Garden, cheese ramyeon

If the double cheese ramyeon had piqued any curiosity, it's actually their regular cheese ramyeon. Part of their lunch sets. Plastic wrapped processed diary over a bowl of hot, probably instant noodles in a savoury and slightly spicy broth. I merely requested for an additional slice of cheese. How was it? Very tasty comfort food. This brought extra gooiness and cheesiness to the noodles while turning the broth milky. I drank it till the last drop.

ChoWon Garden, hobak jeon

We had pan fried zucchini fritters, hobak jeon. The slices of zucchini were coated with an egg batter. Greasy, but tasty. Better with their dipping sauce because the salt helps.

ChoWon Garden, nurungji tang

There was a nurungji tang. A burnt rice soup. The soup component was quite bland and tasted like rice tea. I wonder if it was meant to be that way.

ChoWon Garden, oxtail soup

That's a clear oxtail soup. The broth was quite beefy and very enjoyable.

ChoWon Garden, kimchi omelette

I forgot what this was called, but it looked like Japanese tamago stuffed with kimchi from the menu. How it arrived was totally different. It turned out to be a pan fried omelette (imagine fu yong omelette); a greasy one, stuffed with kimchi. The same young kimchi that they served as part of their banchan. Not that it was bad, but I thought it would have been a much better idea to get something more sour, more aged to cut through the grease from the omelette. 

ChoWon Garden, Peck Seah Street

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