Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Matsutake mushroom and pork dumplings from Nom Nom Dumpling

Nom Nom Dumpling, matsutake mushroom pork dumpling

Nom Nom Dumpling, Prince Edward

Nom Nom Dumpling, Prince Edward

We were brought to this dumpling shop (G/F, 30 Boundary Street, Prince Edward, tel : +852 3105 9968) that claimed to be the first to make dumplings with matsutake mushrooms as their stuffings. Well, it's minced pork and bits of matsutake mushrooms to be precise and those dumplings turned out to be rather tasty. Each order of those dumplings came with a light mushroomy broth. It didn't take a lot of those mushrooms in the dumplings for the flavours to show and I liked them enough that I wouldn't mind coming back again just for those.

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