Friday, November 13, 2015

A sushi lunch from Meii Sushi

I though since this place was call Meii Sushi, why not give their sushi set from their lunch menu a go. The range of seafood was exactly the same as what one would get from their chirashi don. Maguro, sake, hotate, amaebi, akagai and a couple of fishes which I can't tell. Didn't know if there was any difference between the two pieces of tuna which was on the platter. I suppose it was pretty decent, but nothing extraordinary that I'd make my way down just for again. Lunch was certainly a different thing from dinner and they didn't even entertain any upgrades for better nigiri on the set unless we took the omakase option which I didn't feel like spending on today. The thing that hit me about today was that Chef Hong was a little heavy handed with the wasabi. That detracted from the natural flavours of the fishes.

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