Tuesday, January 09, 2018

$10 cheeseburger Tuesdays at MeatSmith

Meatsmith, cheeseburger tuesdays

I haven't been to Meat Smith in a while. These guys are obviously by virtue of namesake - meat smiths. Couldn't say that I've eaten enough from them to agree or disagree but since cheeseburgers have meat and it's a $10 Tuesday for those from them, I thought why not?

So, the cheeseburger. It looked good. The buns were soft and the patty was tender. I was a little disappointed that the patty didn't have much char so that it would impart more of that smoky flavour. That meat was dripping with juices as I ate. I'd also classify the quantity of cheese they used to be sufficient than luxurious. What ruined this for me was the sauce which I felt was too much. A sparing use of that or the lack of it would have allowed the cheese and meat to come through.

The verdict? I don't dislike it. I wouldn't come back specially for it too. It wasn't as memorable as the one from their Rosita's Deluxe event. Still looking for the place that will bring on the solid crusty beef patty and cheese minus them frills.

Meatsmith, telok ayer

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