Monday, October 31, 2016

Brunch at Meatsmith

This was a brunch at Meatsmith. Everyone succumbs to brunch. Especially businesses. We have the lazy weekenders. I'm one myself so I don't judge. And smart businesses that caters to those lazy weekenders. So Meatsmith does brunch too like most other ang moh places that survive in the harsh rental economy of the country. But unlike many of the clones of clones, Meatsmith stuck with their own identity. One with a Southern and bbq personality. 

Their brisket and eggs were nice. Those briskets were fall apart tender and rather flavourful especially along the fatty and charred edges. If I had to criticize, it'll be the doneness of those sunny side ups - they weren't over easy. 

We liked their biscuits. A little dense, a little sweet and also crispy. A little more generosity with their country gravy is definitely in order but otherwise no complains with the accompanying porky sausages and scrambled eggs. 

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