Thursday, October 06, 2016

Grain Traders, 100AM

I've been wanting to check out Grain Traders (#01-03/04 100AM, 100 Tras Street) since I've heard about them opening up at Market Street. Never made my way there. I was kinda glad that this outlet at Tanjong Pagar opened since it was a lot more convenient.

It's a plate meal approach where one picks a protein, a starch/grain and some vegetables along with sauce/toppings. The food tasted pretty good. Mushrooms were flavourful, butternut squash sweet and creamy, coconut curry was fragrant and had some nice heat and blah blah. Maybe the pulled pork was a little stringy and boring. What did not work out for me was $16 for small portions. 

I've nothing against paying more for food. What irks me is inadequacy. In this case, portion was a little small for a supposed plate meal. I fail to see the point of eating here when I'll have to go somewhere else after to grab a snack. So as much as I enjoyed the food, I don't think I'm coming back with any regularity.

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