Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka, Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria

Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka's (#04-43, Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6262 3247) claim to credit is that the fish is imported directly from Tsujiki Market in Tokyo and that their product uses only the freshest of ingredients. That's what they all say, don't they? So nothing new here. Besides, some fishes go through ageing before the flavour is developed so freshness while applicable to some seafood is irrelevant to the others.

From what I've been hearing, these guys are originally from Tsujiki Market and have been there for about three decades and this is their first outpost outside of that shop.

The menu listed this as crab innards so we confirmed if it was kani miso before ordering. This stuff was awesome with a deep sweet crustacean oceanic flavour.

That's the isobe tempura Camembert. Seaweed wrapped Camembert cheese tempura. The batter was quite light and crispy.  

It's matsutake season and there's matsutake tempura nigiri which we thought could be interesting. This was the cheapest option since the next up which was for a serving of matsutake tempura was priced considerably higher. For $20 a pop, this was more expensive than most wagyu. The flavours were quite a letdown considering how much each piece costed. These tasted nothing like how I remembered them. 

We took the plunge and went for the maguro zanmai set which involves the common variations of hon maguro. Akami, chutoro, otoro, an aburi toro nigiri, a negitoro gunkan and some toro maki. Tuna was pretty good, but kinda expensive for the portions which we inhaled rather easily. I think we went a little overboard tonight chalking up quite a large bill in the process. Large enough to get pretty decent omakase in some places. Ouch!

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