Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another shot at Tino's Pizza

Tino's Pizza, lamb pizza

The last time we were here, we noticed that they had a lamb pizza so we came back to see if it was any good. It's our first lamb pizza. This time round, we picked their "Neapolitan" pizza base to compare. Interestingly because of that base and the choice of the lamb pizza with its seasonings, this pizza which was chewier bready-ier tasted like a naan - or possibly even something northern Chinese like a bread from a region like Xi'an. What could have been improved were the actual thin slices of lamb which were dried out and almost devoid of the meat's natural flavours.

There was peanut butter fries with bits of bacon. This was better tasting than I had imagined.

Tino's Pizza, peanut butter fries

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