Saturday, October 01, 2016

Pistachio Grill, Zhongshan Mall

We heard about Pistachio Grill (#01-15 Zhongshan Mall, 20 Ah Hood Road, tel : +65 6262 6400) down at Balestier by an Egyptian-born chef Khaled Elelimi who was previously from Four Seasons in various parts and Shangri La Singapore; hence decided to see if the food was good.

This was what was described on the menu as Egyptian chicken soup. Kinda nice - sweet from the vegetables just like minestrone without the dried oregano and with little cubes of chicken.

Munched on some sambousk jebanh while waiting for the main item to arrive. These were the same things as sambousek - little pastries filled with feta cheese and mint. I think the mint needed more work. The flavours were okay rather than wow.

That's the couscous royale for two - with some harissa paste and vegetable bouillon on the side. The lamb sausages and grilled chicken were pretty good but the lamb chops were disappointing because the lamb flavours in the meat had been lost in the marinade. Wiped out. Pity. Cous cous was delicious - my beef with this was that this should have been called couscous royale for two light eaters. Portions were kinda small.

And because we had more than enough space for dessert here's baklava with ice cream. It didn't taste bad but the filo pastry was quite chewy at the base. It was also unexpectedly not as sweet as we thought.

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