Monday, October 17, 2016

The nameless noodle stall at 40 Beo Crescent

This noodle stall was from the same coffee shop (40 Beo Crescent) as the Beo Crescent nameless Hainanese curry rice. Old school with chewy mee pok tossed in a prickly chilli sauce.

The sui gao are minced pork and prawn dumplings wrapped in their skin. No wood ear fungus, water chestnuts nor mushrooms.

Tasty in an old school way because many stalls did them that way back in the day.

The nameless noodle stall also sold chicken claw noodles. Flavourful and tender slurp off the bone chicken claw where the taste strangely reminded me of wet pork floss. Pretty competent, made delicious breakfast.

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