Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Face To Face Noodle House (面对面), City Square Mall

I admit to coming here with tempered expectations but these guys were (#02-23/24 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, tel : +65 6509 0182) actually rather good. The wiry Sarawak kolo mee was fragrant from the fried shallots and those spicy bits of chilli things that they had provided on the side really elevated things. Now the char siew - I wouldn't say that their dark caramelized char siew is one of the better representative of that style around but I suppose it was all forgivable. Has anyone noticed that their fried wantons tasted exactly like fried spring rolls?

We tried a bowl of their house specialty pan mee which the menu described as having a rich broth. It's not so rich. It was a little herbal and it tasted a little light. But empty the hot and sour sauce they provide on the side with the fried anchovies and stir it up with the soft boiled egg in the broth - it's a different beast with a kickass heat.

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