Sunday, October 30, 2016

Another weekend at Huber's Butchery Bistro

Huber's Bistro, grevensteiner

We had lunch at the bistro because we paid a visit to the butchery. I wanted to order their leberknedelsuppn again, but the Oktoberfest menu is no longer being served. #sad

Huber's Bistro, lamb chops

These guys do pretty good lamb chops. It's the same Australian lamb that they sell at the meat section. The cooking was quite spot on, nothing fancy and that's usually how we like our lamb chops.

Huber's Bistro, italian pork sausage

I've seen people order their spicy Italian pork sausage which is served in a brioche like a hot dog. Sensitive word for tubed meat in between buns for our neighbours up north these days but I digress. The sausage tasted quite like chorizo, albeit a less intense version of it. The brioche wasn't very buttery and I guess it was just too dry and crumbly for a hot dog bun. It started falling apart at almost every bite.

Huber's Bistro, plum cake

Huber's plum cake is pretty good. Quite a bit of the fruit on a light cake served with cream on the side. This stuff was pretty much the crumble that we had in their Oktoberfest menu sans the crumble part.

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