Sunday, October 16, 2016

A couple of interesting milks from Mustafa

Camelicious milk

You read that right. It does say 'Camelicious' and it is indeed camel milk. How did it taste? It is more similar to goat milk than cow's. There was a certain "meaty" flavour but nothing that was off putting. It was actually pretty refreshing chilled from the fridge. We bought this natural flavoured one because we had wanted to taste how it was going to be like before attempting the saffron and date flavours which the supermarket also had. That'll be the next time.

Rainbow cardamom milk

The other thing which I've been getting from Mustafa is cardamom milk. It's cardamom flavoured evaporated milk for use with our caffeine fuelled beverages. Actually helped me through a mistake purchase of the Nescafe Original freeze dried coffee when I was supposed to be getting the Classic instead. The Original is pretty lousy stuff so having that cardamom flavour kinda made up for it.

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