Saturday, October 08, 2016

OSAKA きっちん (Osaka Kitchen), Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria

This (#04-46 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, tel : +65 6262 3271) was the teppanyaki/okonomiyaki joint down in Japan Food Town. Both of which are largely what their menu are comprised of, featured prominently in their omakase set and are popularly associated as food from Osaka. Here's a look at their $80 omakase with add ons.

That's potato salad with black pepper and spicy pickled Japanese cucumber. Chilled starters of the omakase set.

After which was the first item from the teppan. Omelette with pork belly. The thinly sliced pork belly were seared on the teppan and spatula ripped to shreds.

The shreds of the pork belly were then placed in the omelette....

...and the omelette was folded.

Into a roll it became.

Served with mayo and their okonomiyaki sauce. This was not bad.

These teppan grilled jumbo asparaguses, add ons outside of the omakase were tender and crunchy. 

Then came the grilled avocado with melted cheese. A slice of avocado was placed on the teppan with dried shirasu and mayo to cook for some time before shredded mozzarella is piled on them. The melted mozzarella formed a crust which toasted and browned. Mine looked like some strange butterfly. The strange butterfly tasted very good. 

Following that was the goma tofu. We had been assuming that this would be just tofu made with sesame as the name might have implied. The texture of the teppan grilled tofu was more akin to mochi, very wobbly and just slightly chewy unlike regular tofu. It was served with a little bit of sweet grated wasabi on the side.

Next up was stir fried cabbage and gyu suji. The cabbage was seared on the teppan before the stewed beef and tendons were ladled over for an a la plancha

They were served with a sprinkle of shichimi. Likely because of the spices the beef had been stewed with, the flavours tasted Chinese. That was an observation, not criticism.

Their prawns and scallops were competently done. Both were sweet and tender.

The squid tentacles were an add on. There wasn't so much searing on the squid since it appeared to be just a short stir fry. A longer time on the teppan might have coaxed a lot more flavours out.

Then came the ohmi gyu. It was flambeed with some alcohol.

because sometime somewhere someone Fistandantilus' Firequenched it

For a moment, a small towering inferno appeared almost as quickly as it disappeared.

We ended up with delicious, tender and disintegrate in the mouth cubes of seared ohmi gyu after the short display of pyrotechnics.

The okonomiyaki which had been cooking on the teppan for about half the time we had been eating arrived as the last course. Well, the last before the dessert that is. The pancake had a base of fragrant spirals of pork belly and the insides were creamy. This was nicely done.

Dessert was yuzu sorbet.

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