Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Kin Cow, Chinatown Point

You know what? As I was Googling for a little bit of information on Kin Cow (#02-34 Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, tel : +65 6514 9265) I realized that there's a whole lot of same stuff that's duplicated across the web. With a small handful of exceptions. So I guess the local Burpplers along with some of those "bloggers" (or should I call them influencers these days?) and those IG-ers are truly a product of this country. Authenticity represented at its best. Deft hands at little but Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V of press release notes, scoured web page information stained with borrowed old cliches. Much like a certain particular news channel or a partially pay walled online paper. Little wonder the state of journalism in this country when both the supposed pros and the amateurs suck at it. Let me not digress any further now that I've ranted.

Not going to be further parroting on what's already easily found on the web, I could only discover that the people who run it have a similar chain of restaurants in Thailand. That's my basis for giving this shop a shot anyway. While I'm not so familiar with Thai beef noodles, I've to say that these weren't too bad.

I'd do the briskets over the ribeye (above) any day because the former was a lot more tender and flavoursome. In a reversal of roles, the ribeye was a little chewy and had much less flavour even though it was laced with fat and much more thinly sliced. We added extra tendons and those were slurpy and tender. Both bowls we had were using different soup bases. The "dry" bowl tasted more herbal.

The egg noodles are good with the soup-less option because there's bits of lard and the chillis on the side which helps. The broth from the soup kuey teow, the less herbal bowl, had the flavour of rice in it. It's been a long time since I've had that.  

I always liked the Thai pomelo salad yam som o. Kin Cow's version, as with most renditions that appear in this country are much more refined than the street editions. But it's still nice with the flavours from the bits of dried shrimp, toasted coconuts and some bite from the pieces of raw onion; all tossed together with the sugar/fish sauce/lime maybe and the chilled pomelo.

I'm probably coming back again.

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