Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Revisiting Piedra Negra

Piedra Negra, margarita

We finally came back to Piedra Negra. And wow, it's been four years since the first time. Time does fly.

Piedra Negra, red snapper ceviche

More ceviche from them. This one is named Mango Madness done with red snapper and sans cilantro. Sharp and refreshing but I'm sure it could have been improved if the mangoes were a little sweeter to balance the acidity in the ceviche.

Piedra Negra, shrimp tacos starfruit

These are tacos de camaron - shrimp tacos. Beer battered shrimp it was, pretty tasty but nothing much to write home about. Certainly didn't expect to see star fruit in tacos.

Piedra Negra, octopus ink stew rice

That's octopus stewed in its ink with capers, olives and onions. Chopped up bits of octopus that is. The flavour of the stew was amazing. I never knew that capers would work so nicely in there with the octopus flavours thinking that they might be overpowering - which in this case they were not. It's a pity the portions were a little small. The rice on the side was good too.

Piedra Negra, cochinita pibli

And then cochinita pibil, a Mexican slow roasted pork of sorts served with white corn tortilla. I Wiki-ed it and found out that the orange hue of the dish comes from annato, the seed of the anchote tree which also imparts some flavour. It tasted a little nutty and I thought it could have been awesome with more salt. I realised that after adding the pickled onions, habanero and some lime, it worked too. 

Piedra Negra, Beach Road

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