Saturday, November 12, 2016

Revisiting Fat Prince in the Ottoman Room

The Ottoman Room exists at the back of Fat Prince in the very same unit. The decor in that area is chic opulence - a smidgen of richness like the clotted cream that they use to clog your heart with.

I had a brunchy drink call Moroccan Mary, an variant of the Bloody Mary using tequila. While the flavour was quite respectable,  I couldn't help but feel that this drink was more style than substance. I've had a number of these in the past years and my favourite - the most expensive of the lot remains the same. The one at Luke's.

Bread, clotted cream and honey with quince. So simple yet so good.

I wanted some over easy eggs to dip stuff in and yeah, eggs.

There was a roasted mushroom menemen. I don't know what they did with the mushrooms but they were pretty amazingly tasty.

Their smoked cheese and rocket pide was a little disappointing. You know, the kind of disappointing that you get when you read smoked cheese on the menu and the item doesn't taste like it had any? Yeah, that kind of disappointing but otherwise it tasted pretty decent. Smallest pide I've ever come across though.

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