Monday, November 21, 2016

Sari Ratu, Lucky Plaza

Sari Ratu, rice

Came across the mention of this nasi padang shop (#02-107 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Rd, tel : +65 6294 9983) and boy were we glad to have stopped by for dinner.

Sari Ratu, gulai tunjang

One of the dishes that Sari Ratu is known for is the gulai tunjang - curried beef tendon. Awesome savoury curry with a mild heat paired with generous portions of soft tendon.

Sari Ratu, gulai tunjang

Tendons so tender that one wouldn't really need teeth to eat them.

Sari Ratu, paru balado

There's paru balado to be had here too. Their balado was actually pretty damn good. The lungs were somewhat inconsistent though. Some were tough, bordering on inedibly chewy while other pieces were really tender.

Sari Ratu, telur gulai

That's the telur gulai, curried hard boiled eggs. The curry, was awesome. Made us eat a lot of rice.

Sari Ratu, beef rendang

Didn't really think much of their beef rendang. I'm sure these are something they ought to be good at being Indonesian food and all and we were hoping that they would turn out tender like great slow cooked dishes; but the dry stringy textures of the meat didn't quite work out for us. Personally, I got through by drenching them in the curry from the telur gulai.

Sari Ratu, jus belimbing star fruit juice

We washed down the dinner with jus belimbing. Star fruit juice. 

This was a little spot with awesome food in town. Gotta come back another time.