Saturday, November 26, 2016

Brunching at Bochinche

The last time I was at Bochinche (115 Amoy Street, #01-02, tel : +65 6235 4990), they were located at Martin Road. It looked noticeably more spacious, had a larger bar/counter seating and was more well lit than the current shop. Now I'm not sure why did I even bother to mention those things.

We had a spinach and goat cheese empanada. I wonder if these pastries are to Argentina as roti prata is to Singapore. While I haven't had much of them before, this particular one looked suspiciously like a French pastry than the puff that I was expecting. It tasted okay, not so tasty that I'll be coming back again for them.

The other thing I couldn't figure out was their grilled watermelon salad. It was supposed to be grilled and for some illogical reasons, I was thinking that they could've had char markings on them. I did just mention that it was illogical - but these weren't even warm. In fact, they were a little chilled. The mint granita was a nice touch while the burrata cream could have definitely done better than those decorative portions. This felt like style over substance.  

Brioche french toast with ham and bacon ice cream. The last part got me sold. Did taste like bacon but I couldn't really tell if the flavour come from just the bits or also the ice cream as well.

I liked their Provoleta best. Hearty, solid and sufficiently voluminous with their grilled bread. I just wished that the bread didn't have such a hard crust.

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