Monday, January 15, 2018

Pastaria Abate, Craig Road

Pastaria Abate, Craig Road

Perbacco has closed. #sad. It seems that in return, Craig Road has been left with a recently opened Pastaria Abate (43 Craig Road, tel : +65 6909 0672); a frills free family run Italian restaurant where prices are kept low and much pasta is fresh and made in house. There is no table service; one helps themselves to the necessary cutlery and condiments and food is likewise self collected when the buzzer goes off.

Pastaria Abate, Craig Road

According to the owners, wine drunk at Italian homes is normally in drinking glasses and not wine glasses. So wine is served in drinking glasses here. Part of their home/casual dining theme that's the style they're going for. I thought this was a smart way to keep cost and labour down as well.

Pastaria Abate, salumi

We had a half portioned cold cut board. Salami, coppa and prosciutto that came with some obligatory salad and dry crispy bread. I could have sworn tasting nutmeg in their salami.

Pastaria Abate, fried mozzarella strawberry sauce

There's fried mozzarella on the menu. They're served with a strawberry sauce. Ask for more sauce.

Pastaria Abate, tagliatelle porcini white truffle

One of the pasta specials was tagliatelle with porcini and white truffle. It's less than $19 so no, none of that shaven stuff here. What form did that white truffle come in you might wonder? The answer is in the first picture in the post. But importantly, this pasta was pretty good. I'm encouraged to come back and try the others.

Pastaria Abate, martini grilled pork

There was something called Martini grilled pork on menu as well. I loved this. That Martini sauce they used made this remind me of ba kwa, char siew or even a Barolo wine reduction. Yes, it would be one of those caramel-y sweet flavour profile which works with meat. I'd eat this again.

Pastaria Abate, Craig Road

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