Saturday, February 18, 2017

PerBacco continues to impress

I suppose that when I say that PerBacco continues to impress, I had also meant that its chef Marco Fregnon continues to impress. Through the cooking in the restaurant, no less. We haven't been back in a bit and a new rotation of the menu has come in.

There were very good looking oysters going for $1.50 each that night. Loaded with minerality and brine.

Followed by little cubes of breaded spicy crab croquette. Those little blobs on top of the croquettes are suppose to be tuna sauce.

PerBacco has of recent introduced half portions for their primi piatti.

This was a chilled spinach tagliolino, sometimes referred to as chittara, with crustacean-y sweet Mazara prawns, spinach and Caviar d'Aquitaine. This was awesome. Flavours were light and meant to pair with the sweetness of the prawns allowing their natural flavours to come through. I have got to return for a full portion another time.

Could you tell that this was spaghetti in a black truffle emulsion? Because it was. An eggy and buttery black truffle emulsion with fresh sea urchin. Am definitely coming back for a full plate of this again. 

Delicious Amarone risotto with a piece of nicely browned foie gras. What made this amazing was the translucent bits of caramelized onions which added a pleasant sweetness to the rich wine flavoured rice. Signore Marco Fregnon is quietly outdoing himself and everyone else.

We had lamb with aged balsamic sauce. Good lamb like we've always had here and since we graduated from fork and knife into fingers as we ate - it was finger licking good as well.

Dessert was apple cake. Freshly made and piping hot, it was very good.

The standards of their hazelnut panna cotta have fortunately not declined. The rich cream and those perfectly toasted hazelnut brittles have totally prevailed every time we've had one.

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