Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Basilico 2017

The last time we were here was about 3 years ago. I remember that that episode didn't leave such a good impression. Fast forward 3 years to today, we found ourselves back again. I think we liked the antipasti and dessert buffet. There was Ghedetti Provolone Piccante which was outstanding, sweet rock melon that paired off beautifully with their prosciutto di Parma and truffle honey which was kinda nice with almost everything. 

The mains were still not up to scratch as much as they sounded good. Execution simply fell short compared to the idea of the dishes.

Like the haddock fillet wrapped with smoked pancetta. It was a reliable setup. Possibly infallible too. It even looked good on the plate. But the fish was dry and being the main item, it was kinda disappointing. Edible disappointment. 

I ordered the persimmon risotto mascarpone because it was one of those things that was a "what? I've never had that before....gotta try it!" Couldn't identify the persimmon nor mascarpone in the rice. That's a total failure when the primary and secondary ingredients end up being unidentifiable. Reiterating that while the idea was good, execution floundered.

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