Saturday, October 20, 2012

Of the black truffled, sanma and daffodils...

Tampopo, black truffle fried rice

Here's a couple of stuff from my favourite Japanese family restaurant at Liang Court that I haven't had before because it's been a while. Some of these new items have actually made it into the core menu. One of these was a black pig black truffle fried rice which was actually pretty good.

There was no lacking of the black truffle aroma in each of the puree coated grains. Diced bits of shitake added a mushroomy depth and the bits of pork was relegated mostly to provide texture. That was all there was to them, it was a little greasy but I think I like it.

We picked a sanma off the seasonal menu and it turned out to be much better than the one which we previously had at Itacho. The flavors of the fish were both more pronounced (in a good way) and was more tender than the latter location. The fried up bones was just greasy enough without being excessive, crispy and nicely salted. Brought an 'mmmm....' from us.

Tampopo, sanma sashimi

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