Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holland V X.O. Fish Bee Hoon

We braved the rain tonight from Buona Vista MRT. Of all the after office hours in the past week, it just had to rain tonight when we planned to have dinner out instead of working overtime. Don't really remember the name of the coffee shop but it's known as that X.O. fish bee hoon place at Holland Village. Tonight was exceptionally crowded because of the downpour and it took a long while to find seats. But I suppose you can say that it was worth the trouble. For their sum lou hor fun which we thought was rather good. 

Don't know how many places that sells X.O. fish bee hoon are around but this isn't the only one. Or for that matter, also don't really care if this stall uses milk in the soup or it's simply fish bones that make the soup milky. Not really concerned here since I like the milky flavour and as long as it tastes good, doesn't matter so much to me. 

Anyways, this stall is known for the X.O. infused soup which adds depth to the flavour. Probably just a dash of the liquor though. I don't know if I imagined it or if it really did its job of warming me up. Especially after that rain. 

Here's the hor fun dish. Looked mostly white but it's far from being bland. Thought there was a good portioning of the three main ingredients. Sauce was deliciously savour. I liked how the bean sprouts kept their crunchiness which added texture to the sliced fish and rice noodles. We also ordered a portion of the prawn paste chicken which is also for some reasons, always available in these fish bee hoon/sum lou hor fun stalls.

If I had to be honest, the prawn paste chicken was just okay. Generally not so big on fried chicken and if I have to eat them, I try not to think about all the grease I'm ingesting. The prawn paste they used lacked punch although the chicken was crispy and not too heavy with the batter. Will give this a pass the next time. 

All things considered, it was still worth the effort getting slightly drenched for this dinner. The damage, inclusive of a teh-C and a kopi came up to $21.50 for two. Wasn't too hard on the pockets. In fact, what we had probably would have fed one more person if not for us being such pigs.

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