Monday, December 11, 2006

Dinner @ Yishun 81

I'm back here again, having dinner with Mike.

Pontian wanton meePontian wanton mee

It hadn't been too long back since I last ate at the Pontian wanton mee stall. This time we got the $3 portions of noodles which was noticeable larger than the $2.50 ones. It also came with more of that spicy tomato/chilli sauce. Visibly more messy from my last visit. Lol. The fried wantons tasted as nice as I remember them. Tasted much better than their looks suggested. Don't go expecting large ones filled with chunks of succulent prawn or pork because they're small and are simply not those kinds. Also, in the last visit, I didn't get the mayo and chilli on the sides, so I guess business is evolving. The other kuey chap dishes came from another store in the same coffee shop, not the wanton mee store.

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